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What is Self, and Why does Self Matter?


Not a word we use very often because we learn at a young age that everyone else comes before Self.


It can be a hard word to say at the start, but as we grow older we realise the importance of Self. A small word with a big meaning.


The photos in this video were taken between April and October this year. The changes I see in myself are incredible. I am 54 years old, soon to be 55, I have been a smoker all my life and was a heavy drinker. You can see this in the first photo of the video.

I no longer drink, in fact I haven’t had a drink since we began our Ubud Retreat in September. I’m still working on the smoking 😇

My point being, the more I heal the younger I feel and look. Yes, I still have wrinkles, and my hair stylist works damn hard to keep the grey hair at bay, but the weight of my past life is no longer weighing me down.

peiec® has done this for me. It has provided me with the tools to ‘self-help’, get my mojo back, help me face the world with my head held high.

My relationships, my work, my animals, my husband, and especially me, see and feel the Me.

I’m softer, in a more feminine way. The hard exterior and always needing everything to be about me is fading away at a great rate of knots. I’m gentler with myself, and more respectful of where I’ve come from, what I’ve endured and what I need to do with my life...right now and for my future....for Me.

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