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a space for healing through creativity


When: every Sunday - 2.30pm to 4.30pm (AEST)


Online: via Zoom - download                          for free  

Tickets: *$35.00 (or buy 2 tickets and save)

Tickets available at Eventbrite


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Explore your spiritual path through intuitive art with these 2-hour weekly explorations.


: Are you feeling a bit lost and uninspired? : Do you feel you need to try something new?

: Is your connection with people lacking?


An Australian study found that people with 100 or more hours per year of arts

engagement (i.e. at least 2hrs per week) had significantly better mental wellbeing

than those with no or lower levels of engagement. ~Information provided by

There is also growing evidence that the arts can be used in non-therapy contexts for promoting mental health, such as doing visual art with adults who are mentally well, and want to sustain that sense of wellness.


In other words, practising the arts can be used to build capacity for managing one’s mental and emotional well-being.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ~ Pablo Picasso

What you will need:

: 1 Black permanent marker,

: 1 Black Fineliner,

: Pencil

: Eraser

: Coloured felt pens or coloured pencils, and

: Paper (preferably bleed-proof) or visual art diary.

All items available for puchase here


Artwork by Lady Linda