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About me

e pā ana ki ahau 

My name is Linda and the oldest of two children. Being well-travelled around New Zealand’s North Island, my family finally settled in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, where my Mum still lives today. 


In 2006, I relocated to Western Australia, completed a Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety before studying and becoming qualified as an Alternative Wellness and Care Practitioner in both The Emmett Technique and peiec energy healing.


I have always believed there are better ways to support wellness without drugs, and as I continue on my spiritual wellness journey, I am blessed to be able to assist others on theirs.

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The Care Klinik is situated in Falcon (Western Australia) and provides a safe and nurturing environment for their in-clinic clients while offering the option of connecting by video* to ensure interstate and international clients may also benefit from this unique energy healing.


Each appointment starts with a quick consultation before gently and energetically, moving through your energetic layers releasing 'life moments' and for those with physical pain or discomfort, advanced bodywork is incorporated.

The Care Klinik also includes a vast range of ethically grown essential oils, diffused (unless requested not to) to assist in providing a protective, nurturing, and inclusiveness environment in what is being given during in-clinic sessions (Facebook: @YELOoils).

*offered only for peiec energy healing



The Care Klinik is a safe and caring environment to relax and unwind, and a space of nurture where You can take time for Self. There is a uniqueness in what we do. peiec® is a treasure in itself, giving you options in the way you live your life.

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