Life can be a lonely struggle, feeling like you have to do it on your own. Putting on a brave face while feeling less than. Wanting so much in life. Wanting so much to fit in...but to what?

We have all had drama and tragedy in our past.....but it's time to take control and live the life You have fought hard for. 

No more pain, discomfort, feeling anxious, worried, insecure, uncertain about life in general. It's time to give to Yourself, to accept and respect the true You.

Let's take the journey together, you and me, and together create a fresh start....for You.

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peiec energy

Available by video call (interstate and internationally)

and in-clinic, by appointment


peiec®, (pronounced peak) is a unique form of energy healing that works in the energetic layers of Self: Physical, Emotional, Intellect, Energetic, Core.

When a positive or negative thought, word, incident etc occurs the energetic component of that falls onto the layers. These are called 'Life moments' and can be the reason we are triggered or respond so quickly to people’s words and actions.


Other life moments that lie dormant in the layers will be activated by a similarity in the current situation. These then instantly rise up to the top of the layers and attach to the current life moments.

This rush of lower vibrating energy flows out to your physical vessel and displays itself as anger, anxiety, pain, sore throat, irritability, distress etc.


So, now imagine these life moments rising up in unison within your family, and also in your neighbours. The words, thoughts and actions that are falling onto your layers are also falling into the layers of your neighborhood, four suburbs away, the state you live in.

Your words, thoughts, and actions and those of others are literally intertwining themselves by threads, weaving itself into a huge spiderweb of life moments.

So, not only are we being affected by our street, our state, by our country, but we are being affected by the global life moment that is activating life moments from any time in our human existence where there was disease, panic, starvation, pain, fear.

Life moments from generations ago are adding themselves to your current life moments. So your panic or fear may not have actually been yours to start with but your deep-lying 'Life moments' will have been triggered or will be triggered, creating emotional or physical responses that you can’t control.

By releasing these life moments energetically will help to restore the peace you have been seeking. It is quick and highly effective.

Given the current global situation, it is important to self-care more than ever before. Look after all of you and don’t disregard that energetic part of self.

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The Emmett Technique

Available in-clinic only by appointment (Western Australia)


The Emmett Technique is a unique form of body therapy used by The Care Klinik in conjunction with peiec energy.

The Emmett Technique is a specific way of treating the body. It is a quick and simple body adjustment relieving pain and discomfort. It increases the mobility of the body and maintains a positive emotional state. Even for first-time clients, the effects can be spectacular.

The Emmett Technique involves placing soft finger pressure on certain locations of the body, known as "Emmett points." The points are different from traditional acupressure points or points of stimulation or from any other therapy stage.

The Emmett Technique provides total treatment for pain - some of the signs reported to be alleviated:

  • Abdominal cramps and bowel discomfort 

  • Back and hip discomfort, knee and ankle restrictions 

  • Discomfort during pregnancy 

  • Fluid retention 

  • Headaches, dizziness, and sinus

  • Lymphatic congestion and breathing 

  • Migraines or cluster headaches 

  • Neck and shoulder restriction 

  • Persistent heel and foot pain 


The Emmett Practitioner is knowledgeable in the application of: 

  • The right amount of pressure

  • In the right direction

  • For the right amount of time


It is a unique combination of elements that produces the necessary physical change for every person. The EMMETT Technique is an effective and reliable procedure on its own, though often compared to other approaches.


  • You can be treated while sitting, standing or even lying down

  • It can be used separately or in combination with other methods

  • There is no need to remove any clothing, except for footwear 

  • The EMMETT technique can take about 30 minutes, or if combined with other processes, up to 1 hour

peiec and EMMETT Therapies including The EMMETT Technique, EMM-Tech, Emm-Care and Emmett 4 Animals are not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns. 

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Yoga Practice


I just had an amazing video session with Linda. I could feel the energy in my head, pressure, and tingling. Feeling super chilled out and relaxed. Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight! In the lead, up to the call, my toddler began to calm down and during the session, she went to sleep. Hallelujah! After days of her whinging and not being able to go to sleep before 8 pm for a couple of nights - I am so grateful!!! Even my 5 year old wanted in and fell asleep on my bed straight after the session. Thank you!! I can’t wait for my next session.

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Linda is a kind, caring, and very experienced practitioner who has been a great help treating me and my anxious dog using peiec healing. I highly recommend Linda and I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.

Wellness Coach


Thank you, wonderful lady Linda, for taking such good and gentle care of me in my sessions with you. After working on me my shoulder pain disappeared without me realising it until you asked. In fact, after each session, I've been left feeling pain-free throughout my body and so much lighter in my body, mind, and spirit. Thank you for guiding me so wisely and expertly as you released my inner turmoils. I feel much more peaceful, reassured, and grounded.

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Emmett Technique

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